DJ Info

DJ Since: 2013

Studio / Production / Club / Lounge/ Event / Freestyle session

Main genre: Hip Hop, Lounge
Sub-Genres: Beats, Instrumental, Funk, Rap, Eclectic, Breaks, Soundscape

Music source: Vinyl, Serato
Set duration: 1-4 hours

Jared is a versatile DJ who who can play solo, accompany an emcee (such as his collaborations with MCDC), or play with a full on band (as a member of Electrik Ants). On stage he is capable of varying from creating spacial soundscapes, to keeping a party going, to full on break beat juggling and sample scratching. Along with performing on turntables he also produces songs, mixes, and instrumental tracks which can be enjoyed on soundcloud. If you are interested in booking DJ Still Do or Electrik Ants please click the ‘BOOK ME’ link at the top or bottom of the page




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